Pulitzer Center Update

"The Abominable Crime" Wins Best Feature Length Documentary

"The Abominable Crime," produced, directed and written by Micah Fink, won Best Feature Length Documentary at the 8th Belize International Film Festival.

“The Abominable Crime” is an eye-opening story of homophobia in Jamaica, told by a lesbian mother seeking asylum after she is attacked and a gay activist deciding between his country and his safety when his marriage to a Canadian man is revealed. Of the six documentaries shown at the festival, "The Abominable Crime" was the best attended screening.

The Pulitzer Center-supported film has received positive reviews. Screenings continue in the coming months, including at Open Arms Metropolitan Community Church in Rochester, NY, on Friday, July 19.

Fink is an award-winning producer, director and writer whose work has appeared in publications and exhibitions internationally. He is the founder of Common Goods Production and has produced documentaries with Frontline, PBS, National Geographic Explorer, and ABC News. He was a Japan Society Fellow in 2008 and a Kaiser Media Health Fellow in 2005. As a Pulitzer Center grantee, Fink spent time in Jamaica examining LGBT issues through his reporting project “Glass Closet: Sex, Stigma and HIV/AIDS in Jamaica.”

For more on the film and locations of future screenings, visit "The Abominable Crime" website.