Pulitzer Center Update

Field Notes Podcast: Featuring Our Student Fellows

Guilford College student fellow Tom Clement presents his project on damming a sacred river in India. Image by Meghan Dhaliwal. Washington, DC, 2014.

Over the weekend of October 10, 2014, the Pulitzer Center hosted its first-ever Campus Consortium Student Fellows Washington Weekend. Seventeen of this year’s 21 student fellows from our Campus Consortium universities throughout the country came together to share their experiences and lessons learned while reporting abroad.

Our fellows were returning from reporting projects that had taken them around the world—from the tiny Pacific island of Kiribati to Patagonia—and back. Reflecting back on Pulitzer Center-supported projects, our students and professional journalists highlight the importance of being flexible, remaining open to where stories lead, and most importantly, actively listening and engaging with the people whose stories we tell.