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You might have seen Craig Welch and Steve Ringman’s project Sea Change, a stunning exploration of worldwide ocean acidification.

But did you know that both journalists learned how to scuba dive for this project? And that both men, who spent countless hours reporting on sea-life, fishing, and ocean chemistry, get seasick?

You've probably seen Dan Grossman and Alex MacLean’s project The Big Picture: Alberta’s Oil Sands. In this project, Grossman, a print and audio journalist, and MacLean, an aerial photographer, soar above the Canadian tar fields in a Cessna 722 to try to capture the mind-boggling scale of the oil production.

But did you know that the size of a Cessna 722’s cabin is roughly equivalent to the interior of of a VW Beetle? And that MacLean’s aerial photography techniques are often as simple as opening a window (or a door, as it turns out) and leaning out of the plane?

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