Pulitzer Center Update

Four Pulitzer Center Grantees Nominated for News and Documentary Emmy Awards

An older miner and a younger boy are chin deep in frigid water 150-meters below the surface as they work a gold mine near Syndicate on the island of Masbate. Image by Larry C. Price. Philippines, 2012.

Japan's Disposable Workers: Net Cafe Refugees. Image by Shiho Fukada. Japan, 2012.

Love For My Enemies, published by the Atavist.

Four Pulitzer Center grantees received nominations for the 36th Annual News and Documentary Emmy Awards for work from their Pulitzer Center-supported reporting projects.

"Hazardous Work: Diving into the Philippines’ Dangerous Underwater Mines," produced by Larry C. Price in collaboration with PBS Newshour, has been nominated for outstanding investigative journalism in a regularly scheduled newscast.

"Hazardous Work" uncovers the risks young men face in compressor mining and is part of Price's long-term reporting project on the health risks of child labor in gold mining in the Philippines, Indonesia and Burkina Faso.

"Japan's Disposable Workers," produced by Shiho Fukada in collaboration with MediaStorm, is up for an Emmy in new approaches in current news coverage. The news documentary focuses on the lives of "disposable workers" attempting to make ends meet—reporting on a range of situations from workers living in internet cafes to families dealing with suicides of frequently overworked employees.

“Love for My Enemies,” produced by Lukas Augustin and Niklas Schenck for Atavist magazine, has been nominated for new approaches in documentaries. The online multimedia story follows survivors and perpetrators of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda as they struggle with their past, meet each other for the first time and dare to ask for forgiveness. The interactive story is part of Pulitzer Center-supported project, "Rwanda: Love for my Enemy."

The News & Documentary Emmy Awards will be presented on Monday, September 28, at a ceremony at Lincoln Center’s David Geffen Hall, located at Lincoln Center in New York City.