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George Butler Interviewed on BBC Radio 4 about WithDraw

The ICRC run wheelchair basketball teams for men and women in their program. They are brilliantly competitive and great spectators sport. Illustration by George Butler. Afghanistan, 2014.

The war in Afghanistan has dominated the headlines for more than 14 years. The images of Afghanistan most familiar to viewers are mostly those of combat troops, of forward operating bases, of the aftermath of violence. But a new exhibition at the Imperial War Museum North aims to show a very different side to life in Afghanistan. British illustrator and journalist, George Butler, spent several weeks there at the end of 2014 while international troops were preparing to withdraw from the country. The resulting drawings – exhibited in the exhibition ‘WithDraw’ - depict ‘life a pace back from the violence’: people washing for prayers, shopping, farming, building, learning and living’. George Butler is a journalist and reportage illustrator and Jenny Matthews, a war photographer whose work has included a special focus on women in conflict.

Text above taken from broadcast on BBC Radio 4. Listen to the full episode.