Pulitzer Center Update

Heat of the Moment: Global Gateway in St. Louis

In January 2010, Pulitzer-sponsored journalists Jennifer Redfearn, William Wheeler and Anna-Katarina Gravgaard visited more than fifteen middle and high schools and three universities in the St. Louis area. They spoke about their experiences reporting on the issues surrounding climate change in the Carteret Islands and South Asia, respectively. Their discussions with the students ranged from the environmental, social, and political implications of climate change, to the technical and educational sides of a career in journalism, to news literacy and the changing media landscape. These visits took place through the Pulitzer Center's Global Gateway program, which provides students with opportunities to engage directly with systemic issues, both global and local, and with the journalists who report on them.

Learn more about Jennifer Redfearn's The Next Wave: Climate Refugees in the South Pacific and William Wheeler and Anna-Katarina Gravgaard's South Asia Troubled Waters. See their work featured on the Heat of the Moment Gateway.

Photography by Arthur Lieber of Civitas Associates/ActiveCitizen360