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A New Chapter: Early Warning Radio Network


Screenshot via "A New Chapter: Early Warning Radio Network" by Invisible Children.

In December 2009 the Ugandan rebel group known as the Lord’s Resistance Army carried out a series of attacks in the northern regions of the Congo. In the region the attacks are known as the Christmas Massacres. LRA leader Joseph Kony and his troops killed more than 345 civilians and abducted at least 250 others, according to documentation by Human Rights Watch. This video follows the efforts of Invisible Children to expand the Congo Early Warning Radio Network, delivering long-distance radios to areas at risk of future attacks.

The HF radios will establish long-distance communication between remote locations and act as an early warning mechanism for towns and villages in surrounding areas. In an aim to help prevent the future movements of the LRA, communities can use the solar-powered radios to notify and contact security forces of LRA sightings and attacks. The HF radio's notification and response system aim to prevent the LRA from fluid, undeterred movements -- and to make future atrocities like the Christmas Massacres less likely.

A New Chapter: Early Warning Radio Network from INVISIBLE CHILDREN on Vimeo.