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News Bites and Lesson of the Week: Gun Violence

Family members grieve over the body of a family member at the scene of a double homicide in Guatemala City. The murders occurred during the wake for another murder victim. According to the National Civilian Police (PNC) of Guatemala, there were 5,682 registered deaths in 2007 and 6,200 in 2008 making Guatemala one of the most violent countries in the world. Image by Carlos Javier Ortiz. Guatemala, 2013.

Dear Educators,

News Bite 3, "Too Young to Die"

Unfortunately, there's been a lot in the news this past week. We chose to focus this week's News Bite on gun violence, in Chicago particularly, and on the stunning photography of our grantee Carlos Javier Ortiz. What are the systemic causes behind the tragic numbers of Chicago's youth lost to gun violence every year?

Keep using the Lesson Builder, and keep us posted on how it's going for you.

Lesson of the Week 3, "The Geography of Poverty"

Our featured Lesson of the Week, "Geography of Poverty," was written by one of our incredible Chicago teacher partners, Tracy Crowley.

A review on what this weekly email is all about:

Ninety percent of you have told us that you regularly use current events in your classroom. So we'll feature a small "News Bite," which will contain one piece of Pulitzer Center journalism content—an article, photograph, podcast or short film—that relates to something in the news that week, as well as a brief lesson outline and a few guiding questions. We're hoping these News Bites will be an easy way for you to access fresh, topical content. We'll also include an in-depth "Lesson of the Week," written either by a Pulitzer Center staff member or curriculum developer or a member of our Educators' Community, on any subject.

As always, we're eager for your suggestions. Let us know what you think.

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