Pulitzer Center Update

Pulitzer Center Journalist Jina Moore Wins NYU Reporting Award


Image by Jina Moore, Africa, 2010.


Pulitzer Center journalist and recipient of NYU Carter Journalism Institute’s 2011 "Reporting Award."

Independent journalist and Pulitzer Center grantee Jina Moore is a winner of the NYU Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute’s 2011 Reporting Award.

Moore specializes in post-conflict and human rights reporting. Most recently she traveled on a Pulitzer Center grant to Burundi, Sierra Leone, Guinea Bissau and the Central Africa Republic to examine UN peacebuilding initiatives aimed at stabilizing post-conflict countries through comprehensive engagement.

As a Reporting Award affiliate, Moore will travel to Zambia and the Republic of Congo to investigate “vulture funds” and distressed-debt investors who purchase the delinquent debt of foreign countries.