Lesson Plans

AIDS in Paradise: A Crisis In The Caribbean


Day 1:

  1. Turn to another student (“toe to toe” and “face to face”) .
  2. Ask each other the questions.
  3. Share your “connections” response.

Day 2, 3, 4:

  1. Finish research.
  2. Begin and continue to work on final projects.

Day 5:

  1. You will present your final project to the class.
  2. You will look through your classmates projects and end the class in a discussion.
Educator Notes: 

Day 1:

1. "Toe to Toe" exercise: Explain to the students that they will have thirty seconds to share their response with their partner. Then ask each question and allow the students to share with their partners.

2. Project the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting interactive website Heroes of HIV: HIV in the Caribbean  Tell the students to carefully examine the website.

3. Ask the students:

  • What do you see?
  • Based on what you see, what do you think you are going to learn about?
  • What connections can you make to the questions you and your partner answered? 

4. Explain to the students that they are going to explore HIV in the Caribbean by using the interactive website. Based on what they learn, explain that they will create a final product to share the information with their classmates. (Distribute Research Chart)

5. Review the Research Chart with the students – begin research.

Day 2:

6. Start the class period by distributing the Final Project Guide and Final Project Rubric.

  • Review the Final Project Guide (link here).
  • Review the Final Project Rubric (link here).

7. Allow the students to complete their research (if students finish early they can begin their Final Project; if students do not finish, assign the research as homework).

DIFFERENTIATION – for students with special needs you may adapt the number of articles the student is required to read.

Day 3:

8. Work on final product

Day 4:

9. Work on final product

Day 5:

10. Presentations: Students will describe why they chose to present their information using the medium they selected. Example: I chose to create a Public Service Announcement on HIV/AIDS in prisons because I believe it is the best way to inform people about the problem. The pictures I used came from the Pulitzer Center website because I thought they did a great job of illustrating the problem. The music selection hopefully will catch people’s attention. It’s a pretty popular song and it’s used in a different way with my PSA.

11. Students will use a gallery walk to view each others work (gallery walk form).

Lesson Created by Liz Morrison: Liz Morrison is the coordinator of social studies for the Parkway School District located in west St. Louis County. In 2001, Liz was selected as the National Council for the Social Studies Secondary Teacher of the Year. Liz was the featured guest on Talk of the Nation in September 2002 regarding teaching 9/11 and other “hot topics” in public high schools. In addition, Liz Morrison’s work with controversial issues in the classroom was featured in the Annenberg program “Social Studies in Action.”

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