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News Bite 4: Is There a Link Between Refugees and Extremists?

Sudanese refugees look over a balcony on the outskirts of Amman, Jordan. Image by Alice Su. Jordan, 2015.

"Is there a link between refugees and extremism?" Pulitzer Center grantee Alice Su writes. "I spent the last year completing two projects with the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting: one on protracted refugee crises in Jordan and Lebanon, the other on youth extremism in Jordan and Tunisia. Living in Amman, I was curious why these in- and outflows were happening at once: desperate people fleeing from nearby crises, willing to subsist on the margins rather than go back, living non-lives without a way to work or move forward, while young men with citizenship streamed toward Syria and Jordan for voluntary battle."

In this lesson, students will study this blog post by Su and discuss whether they think there is a link between the world's current refugee crises and violent extremism.

Educator Notes: 

Students will read a piece by Pulitzer Center grantee Alice Su and discuss a contentious issue: refugees and extremism. 

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