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Denise Fuentes and Ulises Escobedo, posing on an overlook with baby Eros, both were touched by the drug war that raged in the neighborhood below. Now they’re searching for a home there. Image by Dominic Bracco II. Mexico, 2015.

Image by Eli Kintisch. Norway, 2015.

Image by Karim Chrobog. South Korea, 2014.

Afghanistan by Choice

Dr. Wahid Qaderi kisses his daughter outside of his home in Kabul, Afghanistan. Dr. Qaderi talks about his family's decision to leave Afghanistan in the film "Afghanistan by Choice." Image by Alexandria Bombach. Afghanistan, 2016.

The following are lesson plans that have been written using the reporting by journalists that presented as part of the U Chicago Summer Teacher Institute:

Dominic Bracco- Youth and Violence in Mexico and Honduras

Eli Kintish- The Impacts of Climate Change

Eleanor Bell- Australian Mining in Africa

Karim Chrobog- Food Waste in DC and South Korea

Alexandria Bombach- Afghanistan by Choice

Robin Shulman- Syrian Refugees in Canada

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