Lesson Plans

School Lunches

This lesson is written as a series of notes for the facilitator.

Educator Notes: 


1. Before starting the lesson, students outline a typical lunchroom at their school - drawings preferably.

2. Students predict what a lunchroom in another country might look like.

Introducing the Lesson:

1. Watch Resource 1 together as a class and go through a “I Noticed… I wonder… What If?” activity. Discuss with partners, and then as a whole group.

2. Have students work through Resources 2-4 independently, collecting the information outlined in the articles.

3. Students read about a kid's life in Congo


Students complete a graphic organizer that compares and contrasts the experience of a typical child in India, the child in this article, and the individual student’s experience.


Option 1: Students create a PSA-style video/cartoon/audio clip about how important child nutrition is to their education.

Option 2: Students write a letter to the editor explaining an opinion they formed after reading these resources.

Option 3: Students consider patterns they see in these photos of different lunches from around the world.

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