Child Marriage: Documenting Sorrow

Stephanie Sinclair shares the experiences child brides face. She discusses the need for their voices to be heard and the challenges she faced as a journalist who witnessed their struggles and abuse.

The Lost Villages

Four weeks after the Taliban announced the beginning of their annual spring offensive, the insurgents have quietly taken over most of the Balkh province.

A One-Man Insurgency

The veneration of Samaruddin, a policeman killed by NATO after he murdered two American soldiers last month, represents the discontent in Faryab Province with the NATO presence in Afghanistan.

The Toll

Land mines and old ordnance kill or injure, on average, 40 Afghans each month. This week, four children in Mazar-e-Sharif were the newest victims.

Afghanistan Dispatch: On Patrol

Who controls Faryab province, the police or the Taliban? For the time being, the region is in the grip of these two warring groups, but the police force is overwhelmed and losing ground.

A Groom's Tale

UNICEF reports that 57 percent of marriages in Afghanistan involve girls below the legal age limit. But, in the isolated north, girls are not the only ones married young.