Cambodia: More Than Just Sex Slaves

Cambodia is a land of contrasts—a country of ancient temples and great natural beauty, but also one where poverty and political instability have led to high rates of human trafficking.

Cambodia: Lessons From a Lost Kingdom

The medieval kingdom of Angkor on the shores of Lake Tonle Sap grew in wealth and power by controlling the water, until it all went wrong. What can be learned from this vanished world? A lot.

Cambodia's Beating Heart

Dealing with any one of the many threats to Tonle Sap would be daunting. The only real solution may be to take them all on at once.

Cambodia: From Trauma to Triumph

Counselors at World Hope International, as former victims themselves, draw upon their own experiences in helping young victims of sex crimes in Cambodia.

Cambodia: "Girls on Fire"

With the help of local NGOS, former sex workers in Cambodia are starting their own businesses, working in cafes or learning new trades such as sewing and screen printing.