Nunavut: From Caribou to Uranium

Residents of Baker Lake, in Canada's far north Nunavut Territory, gear up to cast blank ballots on whether to allow French mining conglomerate Areva to dig for uranium.

Panama: The New Conquistadors Trailer

Precious metals and the rainforest are at stake in a battle between Canadian mining companies and local communities in Panama, a struggle that conjures up images of the Spanish Conquistadors.

Canada: The Show Went On

Much has been made of the unprecedented Aboriginal participation in the planning and hosting of  the 2010 Olympic Games. This has a lot to do with the fact that many of the sporting events are taking place on the traditional territorial lands of the Four Host First Nations – the umbrella group consisting of the Lil'Wat, Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh Nations (First Nations are one of three officially recognized Aboriginal peoples in Canada, along with the Inuit people of the Arctic and the Metis people of mixed Indian-European descent).

Artcirq video

Linda Matchan and Michele McDonald's Artcirq video airs on Worldfocus on Tuesday February 23.

Canada's Nunavut territory covers about two million square kilometers and comprises a fifth of Canadian territory. It's home to about 29,000 people, mostly Inuit. Along with their proud heritage and striking landscapes, residents struggle with unemployment, poverty and cultural dislocation. Suicide rates among Inuit youth are ten times higher than the national average.

Canada: Close Call for Artcirq at Winter Olympics

Linda Matchan, for the Pulitzer Center
Vancouver, Canada

Two days before Artcirq's scheduled performance at Sunday's medal ceremony at the Vancouver Olympics, something went terribly wrong.

For months, the Inuit circus members had been dreaming of the moment when they'd take center stage at B.C. Place, proudly representing their Arctic territory of Nunavut before the world. "I have no words for this," said acrobat and clown Jimmy Qamuqaq, as he strode past the stadium on Friday, the day of the final rehearsals.

Nunavut: Two worlds collide

Linda Matchan, for the Pulitzer Center

Just fifty years ago, the people of Igloolik, Nunavut were nomads. Today, Linda Matchan reports from Igloolik, examining the young people of the Igloolik community who cope as tradition collides with education and the modern world.