Colombia’s Flooded Economy

Colombia's officials say this year marks the worst natural tragedy in their country's history with record rainfall flooding wetlands and isolating small cities.

Gold or Water?

A new report by mining giant Greystar reveals plans for a high-altitude mine which would threaten the páramos ecosystem, a water supply for millions of Colombians.

Páramos: An Ecosystem under Siege

Colombia's páramos, a unique highland ecosystem, has been described as the "water factory" of the Andes. But rampant, and sometimes illegal, coal mining is putting it in danger.

Chasing Illegal Miners in Colombia

The Colombian miners killed in an explosion last week are a stark reminder that mining-related deaths occur frequently in the country, where institutions are not equipped to enforce safety measures.

The Water is Disappearing in Amazonas

Anna-Katarina Gravgaard's article, "The Water is Disappearing in Amazonas," appeared in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten. In it, she reports that the water levels in the Amazon river were at their lowest ever measured this year.

Trek to an Untouched Water Factory

Efforts to protect Colombia's páramos, a fragile ecosystem and water source for the capital city of Bogotá, compete with development initiatives for political attention.

A Drier Amazon

A severe drought believed to be triggered by Atlantic warming currents threatens Colombian lives and livelihoods.