Egypt: Remembering Khaled Said

On June 6, Egyptians from across the country commemorated the life of 26-year-old Khaled Said, killed by state security forces last year.

Struggle for Power in Egypt Continues

Although 1 million were predicted to rally in Tahrir Square for an end to the military government, only 100,000 showed up. Still, young activists argue that support for the military is waning.

Egypt: This Revolution Is Being Televised

On May 27 some 100,000 activists gathered at Tahrir Square to protest the continued military rule in Egypt since former President Hosni Mubarak's resignation.

Where Have All the Tahrir Square Activists Gone?

Only a few thousand protesters remain in Tahrir Square. In order achieve political change, those who oppose military rule will need to garner more support before September's parliamentary elections.

Revolution's End

On the eve of a crucial constitutional referendum, Egypt's youth movement, pivotal in moving hundreds of thousands to protest and revolt in Tahrir Square, is struggling to figure out the next move.