A Long Border: Refugees in Iraqi Kurdistan

As Syrian Kurds seek refuge in Iraqi Kurdistan, their future remains unclear. Will they return to Syria? Or will they become, like the Turkish Kurds in nearby Makhmour Camp, permanent refugees?

Iraq: Made In Kurdistan (Not)

Erbil in Iraqi Kurdistan is booming and there is plenty to buy, from trinkets in the old bazaar to designer clothing in the Family Mall. But there are some things hard to find: local products.

I ♥ Iraq

Iraq's minister of tourism and antiquities wants you to take a post-war vacation, where you can see ancient monasteries and Saddam's old palaces.

Iraq’s Uncertain Future

The U.S. military has withdrawn on schedule, but many issues remain unresolved in Iraq. These range from massive numbers of displaced people to lingering sectarian conflict.

Iraq: Disputed Territory

In October, Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Al-Maliki ordered all the Kurdish flags to be taken down in Khanaqin, a city with a largely Kurdish population. That only caused a proliferation of Kurdish flags.