Iraq's Internal Refugees Still Waiting

Iraq has one of the worst displacement problems in the world--more than 1.3 million people remain displaced and many Kurdish refugees say the government has done nothing to help them.

Iraq: Southern Discomfort

Feeling cheated by Kuwait, abandoned by Baghdad, and betrayed by Washington, Iraq's oil-rich city of Basra in southern Iraq is turning to Iran.

Free Verse in Baghdad

Through poetry, Pulitzer Center grantee David Enders considers the danger he faces as a journalist in Iraq where security resides "only in your head."

Iraq: Powerless No Longer

Muqtada al Sadr, an outspoken Shiite cleric and staunch foe of the U.S., has consolidated his power in Baghdad's sprawling Sadr City and become a political kingmaker in Iraq.

Iraq's New Strong Man

Iraq's Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki was once the great hope for democracy. Today, he looks more like Saddam-lite as the Iraqi government heads towards a dictatorship.

In Iraq, It’s the Mileage

Pulitzer Center grantee David Enders, reporting from Iraq, tells about his 500-mile drive, three-hour detention at a local police station and two missed meetings. All in a day's work.