Libya: Escaping Revenge in Janzour

The Qaddafi regime recruited many sub-Saharan Africans to serve as mercenaries. After the regime fell, a much larger number of innocent Africans working in Libya faced revenge attacks.

Libya: After the Fall of Bani Walid

"It doesn't matter how hard you think you are, how professional, when the smell of death hits your nostrils like that, you have to retch." Ayman Oghanna reports from a mortuary in Bani Walid, Libya.

Libya's Sexual Revolution

Wartime romance is budding in Libya. After fighting to take down Qaddafi, the country's once least eligible bachelors are now being seen in a new light.

Inside Syria

Journalist and author Reese Erlich talks about Libyan dictator Moamar Gaddafi's death and whether the Assad regime in Syria might be the next to fall.

All About Qaddafi: Libya's Artists

Libya art all but died under Qaddafi. But with the former dictator no longer in power, artists are beginning to display their work in weekly art shows.