#Love from Sudan

A message from Northern Sudanese on South Sudan's independence day -- and a plea to Khartoum to let journalists in.

South Sudan Secedes Amid Tensions

South Sudan is set to become an independent nation on Saturday, July 9, but tensions between north and south persist, and the challenges of building a new nation loom large.

Contested Territory

Pulitzer Center grantee Jina Moore interviews Rebecca Hamilton for Guernica Magazine. She discusses how southern Sudan. which is scheduled to become the world’s newest country, will impact the rest of the region.

Trouble in Khartoum

While many fear trouble in Southern Sudan with the upcoming split, Northern Sudan's instability is equally troubling.

Raising the Alarm in Southern Kordofan

The challenge of crafting a policy response to the Southern Kordofan situation must be met despite lack of first-hand information. Foreign reporters are denied access—some beaten and turned away.

South Sudan crisis ignored in midst of Darfur attention

By Allie Feras. American University's The Eagle

An amplified focus on the genocide in Darfur has drawn international attention away from tragedies occurring in south Sudan, filmmaker Jen Marlowe said at a panel discussion Tuesday evening.

"The peace process that was started [in South Sudan] ... has been allowed to slide back into what looks like a slide back into civil war," Marlowe said.