Is Sudan Heading for Civil War?

Northern Sudan has taken control of Abyei in a blatant violation of the CPA, leaving many to wonder, "Is Sudan sliding toward civil war?".

What About Darfur?

A recent video released by the White House leaves out an important narrative of war crime allegations in Darfur.

Abyei, Sudan's Potential Tinderbox

Tensions are high in Abyei, Sudan's contested border town. Despite a peaceful referendum, the Ngok Dinka fear they might be left belonging to the North if the South gets its independence.

Letter from Abyei

Despite the successful referendum in southern Sudan, the unresolved status of Abyei, a town straddling the border between north and south, could spark civil war once again.

Sudan Dispatch: Exhausted By Diplomacy

People in the politically tense region of Abyei are tired of the United States' new diplomatic efforts; many feel the US should implement existing agreements rather than focus on new ones.