The Country That Brought a Sea Back to Life

The Aral Sea is bringing new wealth to fishing villages in Kazakhstan, but their neighbours on the opposite shore in Uzbekistan are suffering a very different fate.

Tajikistan's Folly? The Rogun Dam

Tajikistan's president is staking the future of his impoverished country on the world's tallest dam. But downstream Uzbekistan is threatening war.

Understanding Central Asia, Starting with Food

Understanding Central Asia means understanding Central Asian food. And that means indulging in regional samplings of a deceptively simple rice dish - plov, and its lighter alternative lagman.

More Than Just a Soccer Team

Tashkent's Bunyodkor soccer team is omnimpresent in Uzbek politics, economics and culture.

On the Road to Samarkand

Gas rationing, ethnic displacement and tourist-haggling cops punctuate a journalist's journey along the Tashkent-Samarkand highway.

Museum of Current Crises

This lesson plan outlines a project that allows students the opportunity to connect with a contemporary crisis somewhere in the world.