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Meet Ginny Hill

Ginny Hill is a British freelance journalist, writing and broadcasting on Yemen. She has reported for the BBC and NPR. Her articles have appeared in the Christian Science Monitor, the Independent, the Daily Telegraph and Jane's Islamic Affairs Analysis. In 2006, Ginny produced an exclusive film on Somali refugees in Yemen for the UK's Channel 4 News – the footage was subsequently screened by CNN and featured in an award-winning documentary for France 3. Ginny has also reported from Somalia, Somaliland and Djibouti.

In the videos below, Ginny answers questions about her reporting project.

Why did you decide to report on Yemen?

What hurdles did you encounter in reporting on Yemen?

How has reporting on Yemen changed since you began your work there?

How are the issues you reported on related to issues in the United States?

What do you think is Yemen's best hope for political stability?

How did receiving a Pulitzer Center grant affect your work?