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Meet the Journalist: Jane Ferguson

Jane Ferguson, a foreign correspondent for PBS NewsHour, is based in Beirut. She has worked in the Middle East for almost 10 years. In 2017, in collaboration with the Pulitzer Center, she reported from Iraq ahead of the planned offensive against ISIS in Osul and the surrounding areas. 

In April 2017, Ferguson traveled to South Sudan to cover its complicated conflict and humanitarian disaster. While there, she reported on the widespread famine and the horrific war crimes that caused huge numbers of people to flee.

Ferguson concludes, "It’s incredibly important to go to the swamps and talk to the people directly affected—who are living this nightmare—because the world needs to know that conflict is driving famine today. This is a man-made disaster and therefore the solution needs to be to end the war. It’s also important to not allow those who are violating human rights so grossly to somehow do so in the shadows. As journalists we should be able to cast some light on the real reason people are going hungry and make sure viewers know what’s going on and can hear the voices of the victims of the conflict in South Sudan."