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Meet the Journalists: The Nanny's Child

Blanca left her son behind a decade ago, when he was two years old. Though she was trained as a nurse, jobs were hard to find and didn’t pay enough for her to support her son and mother in Paraguay. So she moved to the United States to find work, leaving Guido to be raised by his grandmother--a choice that confronts many mothers in developing countries.

The separation has been a painful one, as Blanca has helped to raise a series of children in her job as a nanny. But it has enabled her to give her son a comfortable life, with private school and swimming lessons.

And then, after a decade of communicating through a steady stream of text messages and phone calls, Blanca and Guido were suddenly reunited. And now the twelve year old must contend with a 2,400-student school, missing his grandmother, and figuring out how to interact with his mother whom he hasn’t see in years.