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Meet the Journalists: Sarah Bellingham and Max Toomey

Meet Sarah Bellingham and Max Toomey, creators of the documentary People 4 Trump.

Sarah and Max met while studying at the Columbia Journalism School. Together they followed self-identified vampires and entrepreneurial ex-cons, until their attention turned to a wilder world: American politics.

The documentary People 4 Trump began as their master’s thesis project. With the help, support, and sometimes incredulity of the Columbia community, Max and Sarah left New York for Pennsylvania to document what became an historic election.

Who are the Trump supporters? Before the question hit front pages worldwide, Sarah and Max were embedded in a grassroots campaign. Securing exclusive access to otherwise hidden  moments, they documented the Trump phenomenon from its nascent stage. They’re still asking who, and how, and why, as they continue to film through the midterm elections.

The feature documentary People 4 Trump is projected to be released in 2019. For more information about the film or to learn how to contribute, please contact Sarah and Max at