Afghanistan Then and Now

Thursday, November 29, 2012 - 11:00am EST (GMT -0500)

Journalists Anna Badkhen and Vanessa Gezari visit Westchester Community College to discuss their Pulitzer Center-supported reporting from Afghanistan and what the future may hold for the region. Over the course of several trips, Badkhen spent more than a year with the villagers in the most remote areas of Afghanistan to better understand the war's impact on the Afghan people. Gezari investigated the controversial human terrain program, which puts anthropologists on the front lines alongside the military. Both will offer their unique perspectives on Afghanistan during their multi-day visit to campus. They will be joined by Pulitzer Center Managing Director Nathalie Applewhite. Their main presentation is set for Thursday, November 29.

Westchester Community College is a Campus Consortium partner. The Pulitzer Center-Westchester Community College Campus Consortium is supported by a grant from the David and Katherine Moore Family Foundation in partnership with the College's Communications, Journalism, and Performing Arts Department.

Thursday, November 29
11:00 am

Davis Auditorium
Gateway Center
Westchester Community College