Migration and Refugees

Migration issues are fraught with moral positions, confusion, and unexpected connections.

Pulitzer Center grantees look at the effects of climate and business on migration, the efforts of immigrants to preserve their own cultural identity, and the sacrifices they make in leaving family behind. Our journalists ask tough questions: How do refugees mobilize to take care of themselves when aid agencies fail?

Migration and Refugees exposes the risks and dangers refugees and migrants face as they leave one nation to seek a better home and a fresh start—only to find more obstacles and new threats. Resettlement presents its own set of challenges; hopes and promises prove illusory.

Migration and Refugees

Idle Kingdom

A wave of young Saudis are graduating and looking to move into the job market, but most cannot find work--a struggle reflected in the country's 40 percent unemployment rate.

Five Months of Waiting

After five months of waiting for their demands to be met, Egyptians are once again hosting large demonstrations in Tahrir Square.

Trouble Down South

Yemen's political future will depend on its relationship with Saudi Arabia.