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Claire Potter is a rising senior at the University of Chicago studying History and English Literature who hopes to pursue journalism after college. Her reporting interests include climate change, natural resource management, art, and criminal justice. She is the incoming co-director of a creative writing workshop at Cook County Jail in Chicago. She is a former intern for the Pulitzer Center where she completed an independent project reporting on the Ethiopian diaspora community. Last summer, she covered the lead-up to the Iowa caucuses as an intern for ABC Politics. This summer, she will be an intern for the Art Institute of Chicago’s Department of Conservation and Science researching Cezanne’s watercolors. She will also be part of a University of Chicago research symposium studying the history of urban water management. As a Pulitzer Center grantee, she is looking forward to reporting on the efforts of urban planners and activists who are trying to solve Mexico City’s water crisis. 

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Sunday, June 14, 2020