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Hilke Schellmann is an award-winning investigative documentary filmmaker and cinematographer. She has worked as a Coordinating Producer for National Geographic Television and on documentaries for the "American Undercover" series on HBO. Hilke, together with Habiba Nosheen, produced "Surrogacy: Wombs For Rent?" a half-hour special that aired on "NOW" on PBS in September 2009. For this investigative documentary they received a SAJA Award and the Leslie Sander Prize for Social Justice. The film was also a finalist for the Investigative Reporters and Editors Awards. Schellmann’s work has appeared in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Glamour, TIME and The Atlantic as well as on WYNC. Until recently, Schellmann spearheaded video coverage for The Wall Street Journal.

In collaboration with Habiba Nosheen, she produced and directed "Outlawed in Pakistan," with support from FRONTLINE, ITVS, the Fledgling Fund, and the Pulitzer Center.

Hilke is a German native and a former Fulbright fellow. She holds a master's degree in Cultural Theory from Humboldt University (Berlin) and a master's degree in Journalism from Columbia University, where she now teaches.

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