Jane Ferguson

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Jane Ferguson has been working as a special correspondent for PBS NewsHour since early 2015. She has reported in-depth features from Iraq, Turkey, Lebanon and Yemen, as well as breaking news on ISIS attacks in Istanbul and Nice, France.

Before working for PBS, Jane was a freelance roving correspondent for Al Jazeera English. At Al Jazeera she covered major breaking news, conflicts and events across the Middle East, Africa and Asia. She spent a year as Al Jazeera's Afghanistan correspondent and was the network's first reporter to go under cover into Syria with opposition rebels.

Prior to this, Jane was a freelance correspondent contracted to CNN, covering hot spots including Somalia, Yemen, and Sudan. Before working in TV, Jane was a print reporter, and continues to contribute to The Irish Times when on the road.

Based in Beirut, Jane has been living in the Middle East for nine years and speaks Arabic.