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Jordan Maria Don is an Oakland based actor, director, and collaborator and has worked both on and off stage with San Francisco Playhouse,  foolsFURY, Ragged Wing Ensemble, Crowded Fire Theater, TheaterFIRST, and more. She is also a company member with Campo Santo new performances group. Influenced heavily by her personal lived experiences, the experiences of those close to her, and her educational background in social justice, Jordan strives to combine art with activism. With a particular interest in new works and reimagining/deconstructing classic narratives, she is drawn to collaborative and/or ensemble centered processes.  She feels empowered and entrusted with the task of diversifying the American theater canon to better represent the full complexity of the human experience.

When not on stage or on set, she works in the business of communication, empathy, and human connection, carrying her dramatic training into the professional and educational world. Jordan holds a B.A. in Sociology and Theater from the University of California, Berkeley, and has trained with American Conservatory Theater. She is a proud Xicana from East Los Angeles where her heart remains with her parents, brothers, and Kali.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2020