Seema Yasmin

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Dr. Seema Yasmin is a multimedia reporter, medical doctor, poet, and director of the Stanford Health Communication Initiative. She trained in medicine at the University of Cambridge and in journalism at the University of Toronto. She is host of Cause + Control on, medical analyst for CNN, and a former staff writer at The Dallas Morning News where she received an Emmy award for her reporting on neglected tropical diseases and was a Pulitzer prize finalist in breaking news in 2017 for coverage of a mass shooting. She is the author of The Impatient Dr. Lange: One Man's Fight to End the Global HIV Epidemic, and Muslim Women Are Everything: Stereotype-Shattering Stories of Courage, Inspiration and Adventure. Her forthcoming book, If God is a Virus: The Ebola Poems (Haymarket, 2021), combines Pulitzer Center-supported reporting from West Africa, with poetry, to tell the stories of Ebola survivors and responders.