Ending AIDS

Above image by TJ Maposhere. Zimbabwe, 2015.

In July 2016, the International AIDS Conference takes place in Durban, South Africa. In the lead-up to the conference, Jon Cohen reports from Africa and the United States on the successes—and failures—in the struggle to bring the HIV/AIDS epidemic under control.

“Ending AIDS” will be a front-and-center topic at the conference. New York state and San Francisco are at the vanguard of the movement to eliminate HIV/AIDS as a public health threat, and Atlanta, Georgia—which is at the heart of the Southern U.S. epidemic in young, African American men—is starting its own similar effort. Several countries in sub-Saharan Africa also are attempting to meet ambitious new UNAIDS targets that call for testing and treating millions of more HIV-infected people and ramping up proven prevention strategies. Cohen will look at novel projects in Kenya, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, and South Africa that are attempting to identify the weaknesses in their responses and, in turn, decrease spread to the point where their epidemics peter out by 2030.

In this collaborative project for Science, the PBS NewsHour, BuzzFeed and UCTV, Cohen draws on years of experience reporting from the frontlines of this global killer.

The Pulitzer Center's reporting on HIV/AIDS is supported by the M∙A∙C AIDS Fund (M·A·F) and other generous donors.

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Meet the Journalist: Jon Cohen

With Pulitzer Center support, Jon Cohen is coordinating a package of video, print, and online stories on ending AIDS for Science, PBS NewsHour, BuzzFeed, and UCTV.

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