Another Darfur

As the world watches Darfur to the West, government harassments in East Sudan have forced hundreds of thousands from their homes. Like their counterparts in Darfur, eastern rebels complain that successive governments in Khartoum have left their region under-developed, whilst exploiting its natural resources.

East Sudan is home to Sudan's oil export pipeline and Port, yet the four million inhabitants of East Sudan are destitute. Crude mortality rates double those of Darfur, and illiteracy reaches 90 percent. A recent peace agreement ends 10 years of war between Eastern Front rebels and the Government of Sudan, but conditions on the ground must improve if peace is to be sustained.

Christopher Milner spent a month with the Eastern Front delegation in Eritrea, before traveling overland to the Sudanese border under their protection. His report brings back some of the first video footage of the humanitarian crisis within the rebel held territories of East Sudan.