Launched February 2, 2021 Aaron Martin
"The Battle for One" shows a Rust Belt city’s fight to save babies' lives.
Launched February 1, 2021 Anna Sussman
Excluding pregnant women from clinical research is intended to protect them, and the developing fetus, from the potential harms of novel drugs. But at what cost?
Launched January 29, 2021 Erin Rhoda
The Bangor Daily News works to uncover the details of police misconduct at the state level.
Launched January 29, 2021 Sarah Cahalan
Is the institutional church turning its back on the Black community, as one scholar of Black Catholicism claims?
Launched January 25, 2021 Emma Johnson
Western North Carolina is home to the largest freshwater trout industry east of the Mississippi. Trout face a complex future that is hotter, wetter, and under stress, threatening a mountain treasure.
Launched January 21, 2021 Rosemary Marandi
This project is a feature on the Gond tribe from Bastar, an insurgency-hit region in Central India.
Launched January 21, 2021 Ziyah Gafic
The aim of this project is to follow undocumented migrants as they navigate through the COVID-19 outbreak in a society that doesn’t want them.
Launched January 21, 2021 Gloria J. Browne-Marshall
Using both theater and journalism, this reporting covers the point of view of a Black teen who was shot by a white police officer.
Launched January 21, 2021 Alex Keefe, Katherine Nagasawa
Tracking The Vaccine follows COVID-19 vaccine distribution across a historically segregated city.
Launched January 19, 2021 Anya Slepyan
The dying coal industry has left Appalachia with a struggling economy and a legacy of environmental degradation.
Launched January 18, 2021 Musinguzi Blanshe
Presented as a panacea to insecurity in urban areas, Local Defense Unit (LDU) soldiers in Uganda were at the forefront of human rights abuses during the implementation of coronavirus curfews and restrictions.
Launched January 16, 2021 Jack Kelly
A far-reaching depression has gripped many family farmers in America’s Dairyland. With milk prices fluctuating, more and more of Wisconsin's dairy farmers are now struggling with their mental health.
Launched January 14, 2021 Aishwarya Airy
An increasing amount of information about the U.S. troop and weapon withdrawal from Afghanistan is being classified. With little clarity on exact numbers, asking questions is more important than ever.
Launched January 14, 2021 Eléonore Léo Hamelin
A newsroom providing essential information in a remote area plays a critical role during the pandemic.
Launched January 14, 2021 Sarah Shourd, Jean Casella
A five-article investigative series looks into the longstanding epidemic of preventable deaths in U.S. city and county jails and the alternatives to incarceration that are saving lives instead of taking them.
Launched January 13, 2021 The Everyday Projects
Out of fear, hope, or desperation, millions of women around the world migrate each year in search of new lives.
Launched January 6, 2021 Dhana Kencana
The forest, its inhabitants, and local communities are interconnected. Promoting their mutualism can help forest and biodiversity conservation efforts.
Launched December 23, 2020 Lydia Chávez, Sindya Bhanoo
Report Card explores how the pandemic has exacerbated and brought attention to issues of inequity in public education.
Launched December 22, 2020 Hsiuwen Liu
What stays behind after Hong Kong's year-long democracy movement?
Launched December 21, 2020 Arief Nugroho
Encroachment in the Educational Forest of Tanjungpura University is not only causing forest cover loss and environmental damage, but also state financial loss.
Launched December 21, 2020 Arianne Lachapelle Henry
Why do tens of thousands of women leave Ethiopia to work in the Middle East as domestic help? What happens when they return home traumatized and in need of mental health care?
Launched December 18, 2020 J. Weston Phippen
In  2018, dozens of people vanished in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, including a U.S. citizen. The government blamed cartels. But in fact it was Mexico's marines, an elite force with close ties to the U.S.
Launched December 18, 2020 Juanita León
This multiplatform series explores the illnesses of Amazon indigenous communities besides Covid that economic exploitation and modern life have brought to the rainforest way of life.
Launched December 18, 2020 Ebenizer Diki
The people of Deng Deng used to survive by gathering, hunting and fishing. But with a new dam and the government forbidding them to enter the National Park, they have been forced into brutal lifestyle changes.