Justice Renewed: Liberia After War

Glenna Gordon and Jina Moore look at Liberia's efforts to restore law and justice -- for victims of sexual violence, for communities in conflict and for the nation as a whole. Gordon and Moore travel to Liberia's new Sexual and Gender Based Violence courts to find out how the country is tackling an epidemic of rape crimes and to rural Liberia, to investigate growing land disputes that threaten Liberia's hard-earned, fragile peace. The project focuses on local voices, experiences and ideas to understand the new Liberia.

Liberia: On the Eve...

Jina Moore, for the Pulitzer Center (Photo by Glenna Gordon)

I made my first trip to Africa nearly three years ago, and I savored the kind of knowledge that amounts to faith. I was going to Rwanda, and I had no idea what it would be like. I only knew that it wasn't –couldn't be – as bad as everyone seemed to think. "Have you seen Hotel Rwanda?" they'd ask. "Yes, but that was ten years ago…"