Justice Renewed: Liberia After War

Glenna Gordon and Jina Moore look at Liberia's efforts to restore law and justice -- for victims of sexual violence, for communities in conflict and for the nation as a whole. Gordon and Moore travel to Liberia's new Sexual and Gender Based Violence courts to find out how the country is tackling an epidemic of rape crimes and to rural Liberia, to investigate growing land disputes that threaten Liberia's hard-earned, fragile peace. The project focuses on local voices, experiences and ideas to understand the new Liberia.

Africa's Continental Divide: Land Disputes

Reproduced with permission from The Christian Science Monitor.

The specialists know the warning signs. Analysts and scientists and field officers and academics spend years writing white papers, issuing reports and holding conferences, trying to provoke interest in issues that often seem arcane. Please, they have urged governments and the United Nations and activists, think about something that sounds boring – land disputes – before it turns into something that is not – war.

Liberia: Of Land, Family and Feuds

Jina Moore, for the Pulitzer Center (Photos by Glenna Gordon)

This is a slideshow photographer Glenna Gordon and I prepared for the Christian Science Monitor, which features my reporting and her photographs in this week's cover story, "The African Divide." The article focuses on how land has been at the root of many of Africa's most well-known conflicts -- and the promising steps some countries are taking to solve the land problem.

Liberia: Local journalists pick up investigation

Jina Moore, for the Pulitzer Center

When Glenna Gordon and I started digging into a pretty incredible legal scandal, we knew it would get people riled up. What we didn't know is whether the brouhaha stirred by our report would have any real effect.