Sudan: War Child

Two rounds of civil war have engulfed Sudan for the last half century, killing two million people and displacing four million others. A fragile peace agreement signed in 2005 that gave autonomy to the south for six years is currently keeping Khartoum from attacking again, but many predict that Sudan is on the brink of round three.

Half a million Sudanese from the "lost generation" are believed to have fled the south where investment is lacking in search of educational opportunities, basic health care and employment opportunities. Emmanuel Jal is just one of these refugees.

Filmmaker Karim Chrobog and co-producers at 18th Street Films undertook a major project a few years back to tell the story of Emmanuel and others living amidst the conflict in Sudan through a feature-length documentary called "War Child."

War Child

Born in 1980, Emmanuel was taken from his home at the age of seven to fight in Sudan's Second Civil War. For five years he carried an AK47 through battle fields in Ethiopia and Southern Sudan. Today, Emmanuel tells his story through his music and speaks out against the use of child soldiers in conflict.