The Chinese CRISPR Revolution

China is at the forefront of applying CRISPR, a revolutionary genome editing tool that’s speeding progress in agriculture, biomedicine, and animal models. This package of print and audio stories explores every facet of CRISPR in China, much of which remains underreported, as well as the complex issues surrounding the regulations, oversight, investment, ethics, intellectual property, and the law. Specific stories focus on agriculture, the first clinical trial of a CRISPR medical therapeutic, animal studies related to organ transplants, and embryo editing.

To Feed Its 1.4 Billion, China Bets Big on Genome Editing of Crops

China’s agricultural scientists are investing heavily in CRISPR, a revolutionary genetic editing tool, in hopes of improving the country’s food supply. In the first in a series of Pulitzer Center-supported stories for Science Magazine, Jon Cohen reports on the Chinese scientists on the vanguard of a revolution in food supply.