Cyber Security in the Nuclear Sector

Stuxnet, the computer worm unleashed on Iran's nuclear program in 2009-2010, showed that isolated systems used in nuclear facilities and elsewhere are not immune to cyber threats. 

In the years since Stuxnet, the nuclear industry's growing digitization has prompted heightened attention to cybersecurity within the sector. Journalist Sean Lyngaas provides a clear account of how governments and nuclear operators are responding to the challenge.

Lyngaas reports on security exercises and government programs in Europe and the United States, and speaks with researchers hunting for and fixing vulnerabilities in equipment used in the sector.


This project description was updated on March 26, 2019.

Meet the Journalist: Sean Lyngaas

Journalist Sean Lyngaas discusses the challenges of reporting on a sensitive and complex subject such as nuclear cybersecurity. He also highlights techniques for bringing the subject to life.