The Extent of US Special Forces Involvement in Africa

Officially, the United States has just one military base in Africa. But extensive reporting in the Mail & Guardian and elsewhere has revealed the existence of a network of secret military bases and outposts across the continent.

These investigations drew our attention to another issue: the undeclared presence of U.S. special forces in many African countries. We started digging, and have been able to obtain an official list of where they are deployed in Africa. The list is extraordinary: U.S. special forces are present in nearly half of Africa’s 54 countries. We have details on where they are and the names of the operations they are involved in.

But what exactly are they doing there?

The Danab Brigade: Somalia’s Elite, US-Sponsored Special Ops Force

In 2013, Somalia’s federal government wanted to create a counter-terrorism combat force to take on Islamist militants al-Shabab, which seeks to overthrow the government. After negotiations with the United States, an elite special forces unit was created in 2014: the Danab (“Lightning”) Brigade.