The Great Land Rush

A global race has begun for one of the world's most precious resources—land. Across continents, big investors are pouring in billions. They promise progress. But at what cost?

In this award-winning multimedia project, correspondents from the Financial Times examine how land grabs can upend livelihoods—and spark life-and-death struggles.

Tom Burgis travels to Ethiopia where billionaire Mohammed al-Amoudi has spent $200m planting a rice farm the size of 20,000 soccer pitches. But old grievances linger in this fertile corner of a land stalked by hunger.

In Myanmar, Michael Peel tells the story of two pipelines that stretch from the Bay of Bengal to China. They have opened up a trail of conflict over land, as a nation struggles to open up to the world.

And finally, Pilita Clark reports on how Norway's government has offered Indonesia a billion dollars to save its rainforests. Now its ministers are heading to the Borneo jungle to see if there is any chance of success.

Ethiopia: The Billionaire's Farm

Across the globe, investors are betting billions on land. Tom Burgis reports from Ethiopia, where a tycoon has planted a vast rice farm in soils tainted by years of conflict.