Indira Lakshmanan Reports

In August 2018, Indira Lakshmanan joined the Pulitzer Center as executive editor. She brings 25 years' experience as a foreign correspondent, State Department correspondent, national political correspondent, columnist and host reporting from 80 countries and Washington for The Boston Globe, Bloomberg, The International New York Times, NPR and others.

"Indira Lakshmanan Reports" is a project page we have created for our website, a place to highlight and archive her reporting, commentary, and public events. The representation of her work on our website is testament to our commitment to multiple perspectives and informed public debate on the issues that affect us all.

This Week: Child Labor and Your Smartphone

This week: cobalt mining comes from one of the planet's poorest countries and all too often it is mined by children, skepticism about Kosovo's deradicalization and rehabilitation programs for returning jihadists, and Pulitzer Center welcomes new Executive Editor, Indira Lakshmanan.