Inside the Red Zone - Documenting the NHS Response to COVID-19 at Imperial NHS Trust

With much of the world impacted by the COVID-19 virus, this project looks at the long-term impact on the clinical teams who have been dealing with the medical crisis and the adaptations that will be needed in healthcare in the coming months. COVID-19 has created many uncertainties, but one thing is clear: healthcare and the NHS will not return to normal for many years. Plus, those working in hospitals will need support with the psychological impact. With unique and long-term access to three NHS hospitals in London, this project will document in photographs and words the human story of a global healthcare crisis.

St. Mary’s, Charring Cross, and Hammersmith hospitals are some of the busiest and most advanced NHS centers in the country; with unique access to all sectors, I will document not just the breadth of the crisis, but also the depth. With unique access to staff and departments, the project will include interviews and photography documenting the biggest challenge in the history of the NHS and how the clinical teams managed the crisis, are adjusting to a new model of healthcare, and the psychological impact on the staff.