Stories of Hope: Growing Up in Lebanon

Lebanon is under incredible strain. Syrian refugees comprise a quarter of the population, the permanent government resigned over a year ago, basic services are faltering, and sectarian tensions are high.

Increasingly, Lebanese youths are listing towards violence, crime, and extremism. But there are groups fighting this trend, working to keep these kids from falling through the cracks by offering them mentorship, education, and community.

This radio and video series profiles several young people coming of age in Lebanon, exploring the challenges they face, and how local organizations are trying to help them grow and transform despite the obstacles. The kids’ stories serve as a lens to understand the broader ethnic, religious, and political dynamics at play in the country.

Lebanon: Hoop Dreams

Ahmad wants to be a basketball star when he grows up. For now, he's working toward his unlikely goal thanks to a Lebanese NGO that believes such dreams are important for disadvantaged children.