The Rohingya Crisis

More than 600,000 Rohingya Muslims have fled Myanmar in recent months, arriving in Bangladesh with tales of rape, maiming and murder at the hands of Myanmar's military.

It's a humanitarian disaster, perhaps even genocide against a group uniquely despised in Myanmar. It's also extraordinarily ugly news from a country lauded in recent years for transitioning from military dictatorship to a quasi-democracy.

But was the Rohingya crisis preventable? And, more specifically, did U.S. action, or inaction, help bring it about?

Nahal Toosi asks people on every side of this contentious issue the ultimate question: What's to be done about the Rohingya now?

Beyond War: The Rohingya: A Genocide On Our Watch?

At a Beyond War conference panel, journalists and Pulitzer Center grantees discuss their reporting on the Rohingya crisis while the former Ambassador to Burma explained attempts by the United States to curb the persecution.