Scars and Resilience in South Sudan

Since the beginning of the conflict in South Sudan in December 2013, children have been suffering from violence, displacement, lack of access to education, and recruitment by armed groups. Boys are sent to fight, girls are used as porters, cooks, and sometimes sex slaves. Thousands of children are serving as soldiers. Some international organizations are working, with some success, to demobilize children, both from government and rebel forces. Only a minority, though, can be reunited with their families.

Andreea Campeanu and Patricia Huon report from South Sudan and Northern Uganda in the settlements where hundreds of thousands of South Sudanese refugees have found shelter. Their project focuses on how the trauma of a people whose youth are used as child soldiers is transmitted from one generation to another.

Child Soldiers of South Sudan

In South Sudan there are still 19,000 children in armed forces, with boys trained to fight and girls taken as "wives."